Capacitor Charger Family Models PS-17XX AND PS-22XX, With an Output Rated 500-1000VAC

The Digital Power Corporation is proud to announce the release of their next generation Capacitor Charger family for Laser Applications for use in Industrial, Medical and Military applications. The modular design of these power solutions provides customers a highly efficient, and flexible product platform for a variety of applications. These products are state of the art designs that provide high Quality and best in class Reliability. Additionally, they are are approved to the EN60601-1 Medical standard.

Product Applications
Typical applications include, but are not limited to, Flash Pump Laser Systems, Excimer Lasers, Irradiation Devices, Inspection Devices, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Equipment, Laser Aesthetic Systems, Medical Helmium YAG Lasers, Pulsed UV Curing Systems, Sterilization Systems and all other products that deliver bursts of pulsed energy.

Product Highlights

* Universal Input 90-264VAC

* Size 12.7 x 5.75 x 4.05 inches (32 x 14 x 10cm)

* Agency Approvals: EN / IEC / UL60601-1

* Efficiency 84-88% an increase of 8% over current market solutions

* Integral Fan for Cooling

* Operating Temperature Range 0-40C (32-104F)

* PFC 0.99% Typical at Full Load

* MTBF 500,000 hours

* Total Output Power: 1500-2200 watts

* Output Voltage: Configurable from 500-1000VAC

* Logic Interface